Artist Statement



The jewelry itself has a great value, but mostly this value depends on what materials it is made of. But I think jewelry can be made from any other materials such as rice, beans, natural and man-made materials, and so on.

For that reason, I was always questioning if the material is not conventional how can it create a value in the eyes of the wearer or viewer? If a piece of jewelry is not- ‘precious’ in the traditional way, then what is it that attracts us to it and still are they valuable?

For example, when people think about rice and beans, the first thing that comes to mind is food- not adornment, not gold or silver. These grains are important for our nourishment and survival. To me, they have a sort of beauty to them.

Through the process of transforming their figures and shifting the context in which they are perceived, I want to invite the viewer or wearer to explore their relationship with the unrecognized objects of daily life.

The purpose of my pieces is to break down the boundaries of conventional perceptions, which viewer or wearer might have and allow them to have a personal interpretation of and interaction with other people who wear them. My practical works are made with beans, found objects, paper, and silver. One is clearly perceived as more valuable than the other. This will indeed lead contrasting combination to the wearer and everything that is valuable or not, in our perception, becomes valuable in a variety of way.


- 모든 장신구의 가치는 그 장신구가 어떤 재료로 만들어졌는지에 우선 점을 두지만 어떠한 소재라도 그 안에는 아름다움이 숨겨져 있고,
 그 안에 그러한 아름다움을 찾아내는 게 나의 목표이다.
 다양한 재료의 선택권을 가지고 있으면 재료의 가치가 높건 낮건 그 재료는 아이디어의 저장

창고가 될 수 있으며, 금과 은과 같은 귀금속에만 포커스를 맞추지 말고 우리 주변에 둘려 싸여있는 재료 또한 고려의 대상이 될 수 있다는 점과 고부가 가치를 가진 재료에 대한 통제가 없음으로써 장신구에 대한 창작에 더 자유스러워질 수 있을 거라 생각이 된다.

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